Orienteering and Rogaining

Orienteering is my favourite sport, one that I have indulged in for some 30 years or so. It is one of the only competetive sports that has no age barrier and one in which all family members can compete. It is quite common in orienteering relay events to have 3 generations of the same family competing in the same team.

Descriptions of what orienteering is can be found on the links below.

Rogaining is long distance, or long time limit, orienteering. It is a much less competitive sport for most people, but there is a band of enthusiests that are very competitive . Events generally range in time from 6 hours up to 24 hours, and cater for competitors of all fitness levels. Unlike orienteering, rogaining is confined to teams of 2 or more people.

Some links to useful files:

How to use OE2003 at orienteering events, retrieve results and do backups:

  • Instructions for Using OE2003

  • An application to format the OE results for the OACT web site:
  • OE Results Format.zip

  • An application for events entry (test only):
  • Test entry form

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