Yankee Hat South



This walk starts at the Yankee Hat / Gudgenby Car Park, which is about 4 km off the Boboyan Road just after Rendezvous Creek. There is a Yankee Hat mountain shown on each of the maps mentioned below. This walk goes to the top of the southern one, on the Yaouk map. Both maps we used were old series so all coordinates are given on the old AGD66 system. (There is a new series Yaouk map out which is on the GDA.)


Leave the car at the car park and begin the walk along the Old Boboyan road, heading south –west. The old Yaouk map has a large amount of pine forest shown on it, and the new series map has none shown. When we did the walk, July 2003, there was still some pine forest in the southern section of the forest. Walk up to the edge of the pines and take the road west from the junction at 775399. Follow this road down through the large clearing and back into the forest until you come to the culvert at the Bogong Creek (763399) (this part of the track is not shown on the old map).


From the culvert we more or less walked north of west up the hill keeping to the south of the gully/water course that is marked on the map. This is quite a steep climb and could be a bit scrubby, but we did the walk not long after the 2003 bush fires so the scrub was almost non-existent. There are a lot of small granite boulders which are easy to get around. Continue up to try to meet the main ridge at about 752403, where the ridge tends to “flatten” out a little. Now it is a fairly easy walk up the ridge to the summit, just be careful which way you walk around some of the rocky pinnacles or you may have to backtrack around them. There are some nice vantage points as you climb so, as you take breathers, have a good look around you.


At the summit there is a nice flat area for lunch and it gives good views across the valley of Mt Gudgenby to the south-west, and great views of the Rendezvous Creek valley to the north-east. We took about 3 hours from the car to the summit. In retrospect it may have been a bit better to have walked a bit further around the hill at the bottom, after crossing Bogong Creek; this may have been an easier climb. However, if you do the walk in winter you may find that the southern side of the mountain has a lot of snow on it.


The return trip was made around the western and northern side of Yankee Hat North. From the lunch spot walk about 250m north-west to the flattish area (746415) and turn 90 degrees and walk north-east down towards the saddle between the two Yankee Hats. When you reach the saddle, you may like to climb up the Yankee Hat North. We headed north around the west of Yankee Hat North and began to drop slightly as we walked. The hillside here is easy walking, not very steep and easy underfoot. We aimed for the large boulder shown of the old Rendezvous Creek map at 761430, a nice big lump of granite.


From the boulder the walk is a comfortable 3 km or so back to the car. You should aim to meet the track that goes up to the Aboriginal paintings so as to cross the swampy creek at the provided board walks at 781419, or you could walk direct  to that point.


The whole walk is about 11 km, which took us approximately 5 ˝ hours including all stops.



The author on Yankee Hat South with Mt Gudgenby in the background



Maps: Rendezvous Creek, 1:25000;  and Yaouk, 1:25000, 8626-11-N