Tinderry Nature Reserve, (Top Part)


This is a solid walk of about 16km with a climb of near to 500m. This walk goes across three maps, and, annoyingly, one map, the north section, Williamsdale, is on the old AGD66 grid, whereas the east and south sections are on the Michelago and Tinderry maps, which are on the GDA grid. (The GDA is almost the same as the WGS85 grid.) All coordinates here are given in the GDA (WGS84) system. Most of the walk is on the Michelago and Tinderry maps.


The start point is at a gate about 7 ½ km on the Burru Rd, south of the Williamsdale turnoff. The start is about ½ km south of where the Keewong Fire Trail meets the main road. (Do not start on the Keewong Fire trail, there is a good parking area a bit further along.) The coordinates of the parking area are 007554.


 Start the walk at the gate near the Tinderry sign and after a hundred meters or so take the left hand branch of the track. After about 1.2 km (019552) and take the track that heads north for about 600m where you will meet the Keewong Fire Trail.Turn right and head east.


There are few steep but short sections on this part of the track. When you meet the track junction marked Monkellar Fire Trail veer to the left and continue up the Keewong Fire Trail (035553).


After about 800m you will cross a watercourse followed by another after a further 120m. Just after the 2nd watercourse the trail takes a gentle left turn at about 044550. At this point you have two choices:


1.      Stay on the track and continuing until you meet the West Tinderry Fire where you turn right and go south along that fire trail, or


2.      Go up the ridge in a south-east direction for about a km until you get to the West Tinderry Fire trail. You may find that choice 2 is a bit scrubby but it is not too bad.


Go south along the West Tinderry Fire Trail until you come to the long narrow knoll, about ½ km north of the 1348 spot height at 400514. This is the top most point of the walk. 


From the top point head NW down the flatish spur and try to find your way down the ridge that goes between the two closely spaced gullies. The point 3005200 is a good point to aim for. Going down that ridge will take you to the Monkellen Fire Trail at about  024521. (Note that the Monkellen Fire Trail is not shown on the Michelago map.) Go down the gully to the north-west. Stay on the right-hand (NW) side of the gully. If you are lucky you will find an animal track that will make walking quite easy. After the third deep gully (022527) head up the hill side to the top of the ridge at about 022530. Now walk down the ridge and you hit a fire trail at about 019533. Take the track in a north direction and follow it until you see a gate into the nature reserve. (The short section from where you meet the track to the gate is not completely in the reserve.) At the gate you can either follow the fence in a westerly direction until you see a gate with a track heading NW. Go through the gate along the fire trail until you meet another fire trail that goes north/south, turn right at the N/S fire trail and head north back to the car. If you decide to go through the first gate you can more or less head directly back to the car through the bush.


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